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My professor gave me two articles to find and read, but I am having trouble locating them. Can you help me?

I only have the names of the journals, the names of the authors and articles, and the dates. I am missing the volume and issue numbers. One is called "On the Future of Personality Management" by Walter Michaels in the American Psychologist journal and was published in 1977. And the second one is by Robert Hoogan in the Journal of Human Development from 2005 and is called "In Defense of Personality Measurement: New Wine for Old Whiners."
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OK, let's figure this out. Begin by finding the online journal one of two ways:

  1. from the home page "discovery" search box, type in the name of the journal
  2. choose it from the results and click "View Now"
  3. click on the correct year, then volume and issue when that new page comes up on screen
  4. once all the articles for that issue come up, scroll down until you find the article in the list and click on its title to read the article online

Or, you can search just the eJournals on the library site this way:

  1. from the home page, select "A-Z List for eResources" on the lower left-hand portion of the screen
  2. search for the name of the journal
  3. proceed as above to "drill down" to the article

If neither method is working, you will need to double-check to make sure you have the correct information: the full name of the journal, the correct spelling of the author's name, and the full article title.

In this case, we had numerous problems confounding us and keeping us from locating the articles easily:

  • We were missing key elements of the citation (volume and issue numbers),
  • one of the journal titles was wrong (it was Human Performance not Journal of Human Performance),
  • one of the article titles had the wrong word in it (it was supposed to be "In Defense of Personality Measurement" not "In Defense of Personality Management"), and
  • neither of the authors' last names were spelled correctly (it was Walter Mischel not Walter Michaels, and the second author was Robert Hogan not Robert Hoogan). 

So, for the first article, the correct APA-formatted citation should be as follows. (Plese remember that I can't double-space and show the hanging indentation for the second and following lines in this text editor)--

Hogan, R. (2005). In Defense of Personality Measurement: New Wine for Old Whiners. Human Performance, 18(4), 331-341.

And here is the permalink to the first article, "In Defense of Personality Measurement"--

For the second article, here is the correct APA-formatted citation. (Again, you'll have to double-space and make any lines after the first one indented from the left.)--

Mischel, W. (1977). On the future of personality measurement. American Psychologist, 32(4), 246-254. doi:10.1037/0003-066X.32.4.246

The permalink to the second article, "On the Future of Personality Measurement," is--

Thanks for calling me today when you realized you were going in circles without finding the articles that you knew your professor said we had online for you to read.

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