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I need help with a writing assignment (see details below) for my SWK560 class.

4. Group / Family Article Critique (50 points)
(PB- 12,20,22,23,41)
Each student will write a four to six page summary and critique of a social work article describing practice with a small group or family. The article must be selected from one of the following journals, Child Welfare, Social Work With Groups, Families in Society, Social Work, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, or a journal approved by the professor. The article should be practice-oriented and show how the worker used group or family practice theory to help a client system. Report on: 1) the characteristics of the group or family discussed; 2) the client system problems or challenges and strengths; 3) the worker's theoretical orientation; 4) the worker's suggestions for group assessment; 5) the worker's description of group intervention; 6) information on how the article incorporated evidence-based principles and handled evaluation of effectiveness; 7) diversity issues addressed by the worker; 8) two Saint Leo core values illustrated in the group process; and 9) include your own appraisal of the article and comment specifically on two or three lessons from the article that will help you as a group worker. Students are to include a copy of the article with their critique. PsychInfo and SWAbstracts are search tools that can help you locate an article.
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Thanks for calling today and joining me online to tackle this project. As we discussed, it has several parts. Perhaps the most difficult one is figuring out how to search within only one of the specified journal titles. Another important aspect of the project is that it appears you need to find a research article (published in one of the given journal titles) that includes elements of a case study.

With that information in mind, we developed a search strategy that included limiting results to a specific journal title (using an advanced search feature of a database OR by searching within a single journal online) and specified "case studies" as a subject and a second subject (we tried :families" and "small groups").

To find a specific journal to search within, we tried using both the "discovery" search box on the library home page and also tried searching the AtoZ eJournal List (a separate catalog of only our online journals). We found the journals your professor wanted you to use both ways.

In addition to searching within a single publication/journal title, we tried searching in several modules from the EBSCO All Reference Databases collection. Here's how we did that search:

  1. once the list came up on screen, we put check marks in boxes beside the modules we wanted (Academic Search Complete, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences, psycINFO, SocINDEX),
  2. then switched the search screen to the Advanced search option (located below the simple search box), and
  3. limited the results (one line had the name of a specific journal as a Source, then the second and third lines had our search terms as Subjects, since we already knew at this point what those subjects were).

Both methods (searching within a single journal title OR using a database with results restricted a single journal title) produced good results to examine and possibly use for this project. You'll find the search strategy and the sample journal articles attached here as links.

Again, I thank you for getting in touch with the library to help you find the materials you need.

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