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I am working on a SCI210 research paper. I need 10 sources on natural gas, including articles from certain magazines. Please help.

I am supposed to find articles from Discover, Scientific American, and New Scientist, along with other sources to write a paper on whether or not I think natural gas production in the US will help us to become energy independent, so it is a position paper. I need to also find statistics about production, environmental impact, transportation, use as an alternative energy source...well, just about everything. I'm supposed to use government websites for that part, I think. Can you help me? Oh, and I'm supposed to include an annotated bibliography, whatever that is.
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Thanks for calling and letting us work together with you to find the materials you need. I'm going to try to recap what we did for you:

1. use the search box on the home page to find books and eBooks to get started; we searched for "natural gas"

2. email yourself links from that search so you can easily get back to your selected eBooks

3. use the Environmental Science Subject Research Guide as a reminder of likely databases to use and a list of vetted government websites (We found good results from AccessScience for background information, from EBSCOhost's Academic Search Complete, Environment Complete, GreenFILE modules for reports of research from other scholarly journals in addition to the ones you're required to use; and CQResearcher for research essays that will help clarify your argument for the paper.)

4. use the AtoZ eResources List to search for an exact match for the title to find a link to each of the required journal titles and then, after selecting one of the resulting links, use the on-screen "search within this publication" to look for articles on your topic (natural gas)

5. put your chosen articles in a folder and then email/print/download them to read and remember to check off that you want the APA-formatted citations, too

6. use the Environmental Science Subject Research Guide to locate appropriate government websites to search for your statistics about production amounts, transportation, regulations, etc.

7. for the annotated bibliography, you can use any of the APA style guides on our site to show you how it is done OR you can use the library's access to EasyBib citation software program that will help you format citations and add the required annotations (There's also a LibAnswer that may help resolve any problems with getting signed up to use our subscription.)

Some additional subject headings you might use include: natural gas; natural gas production; natural gas transportation; United States; environmental aspects.

Please get back in touch with us if you have further questions about this, or any other, assignments. We're here to help you.

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