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I need help finding background information and images for a PowerPoint presentation on psychoactive drugs.

This is for PSY161. I need general information about the topic, along with images, treatment options, and information about addictive qualities and that sort of thing. I tried looking in ScienceDirect, but those articles were waaaay too details and complex for what I'm trying to do. Where else should I look?
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I sent you one item from the Encyclopedia Britannica (in eBooks) and explained in that message how to use the on-screen tools to access some of the related images for your PowerPoint project.


I also sent you three items from the AccessScience database for the simple search “psychoactive drugs,” where you can browse (but not directly search) the image gallery in the Media top-level tab. Or, you can use the on-screen tools to the right side of the article page to “find more like this” article in this source.


I also just sent you a link to The Addiction Counselor’s Desk Reference, an eBook you can use to get the particulars about any psychoactive drug you want to look up.


Let us know when/if you want help finding additional materials for your PSY161 PowerPoint presentation, or if you need help working with images, or…


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