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There are plenty of scholarly articles in the ProQuest databases on this topic. To access them, please follow these general instructions, which you can use for other research assignments as well:

Journal Articles – ProQuest Database
Go to our library homepage at
Click the Find an Article tab
Select ProQuest.
Select the photo option that best corresponds with your topic or subject (For this paper, select The Arts)
Next you might want to select the Advanced Search Option, but it is not necessary for this search.
Check the boxes for Full text and Peer-Reviewed, if desired.
Type your search terms and SEARCH: (I used the terms crooners Crosby, then crooners Sinatra, etc., as a different search with each name. Don’t use an apostrophe in “crooners”). if using the Advanced Search, type in your terms in two or more search boxes, separated by AND, OR, or NOT, and SEARCH.
Narrow the results by publication date to the most recent 5 or so years, if desired, by clicking on the lever in the left side of the screen (under the green bars) and pulling it to the right, and click Update. You can limit it further by document type: select more options; then case studies or reports, etc.

You can then select the ones you want and send them to your email or print them out. Make sure to select the “include bibliographic citations” and select the type: APA, MLA, etc. Be sure to double check the citation, as databases often make errors in the capitalization, especially in the article titles, which should have only the first word of title and subtitle capitalized, except for proper nouns such as a name. Refer to the OWL Purdue website if necessary, when citing your sources, at

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  1. I need or scholarly articles and studies about Frank sinatra
    by Garryphillips on Jul 20, 2017

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